So you have all probably tried sushi or some variant, gone out to some sushi restaurant and paid too much for it.Well sushi it doesn't have to be an expensive alternative and you can make it at home as easy as a burrito night only Japanese style! I have been living in Japan for 9 years now and we do this simple sushi meal at least twice a week, it is simple, social and cheap!
Here's how its done!
What you need:

Nori sheets (seaweed squares)
Cooked rice
Cut up a few cucumbers into sticks
A small saucer with soy sauce
Your choice of seafood


I tend to use the following for my sushi nights:

crab meat: comes in long strips and is easy to roll into sushi rolls
Hotate (scallops): see salmon, plus they are a great source of energy.
Salmon: I just love salmon
Muscles: tasty as hell
Tuna with some light mayo: great for the kids if they don't like the idea of fish.

Now making this type of sushi is similar to a burrito, you just start with the Nori, add some rice, then add you choice of raw seafood and cucumber sticks, fold the nori like a burrito, dip it lightly in the soy sauce and enjoy.
This kind of sushi is one of those things where every one can sit together and make their own, works well if you are having some people over and the best part doesn't take more than 30mins to prepare and even less time to clean up afterwards!
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