The following are some common everyday foods that can help your body fight off the onset of various health ailments and diseases.

Artichokes, black beans or spinach

A rich source of magnesium. US scientists at Tufts University found raising your intake of these combats insulin resistance.

Heart Disease
Red grapefruit

Research shows that simply eating one red grapefuit a day can lower your LDL cholesterol by as much as 20% in four weeks.

Gum Disease

Japanese studies found its lactic acid attacks and destroys gum-damaging bacteria.

High Blood Pressure
Dark Chocolate

Research found that as little as 6g of dark chocolate a day can significantly lower blood pressure in four months.

Brazil nuts

Natural selenium supplements add them to your daily diet and your colon-cancer risk could drop six-fold.


  1. Mike said...
    I am stoked I found your blog, i really like this article...I ranked it for you
    Sarah said...
    Yep all good sound advice...I agree with your earlier post about how we need to be inclusive in our diets rather than simply reductive, This post kinda backs up that point.
    What a super blog! I love the dark chocolate and Brazil nuts and will fully take advantage of their health benefits!

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