Body building tips, guidelines and sound advice are all things which are best investigated by using good training, either from a professional trainer or a muscle building course created and designed by a professional trainer. However to get started, here are some tips about what not to do in body building.

Our first tip is about tips themselves and any other source of body building information. The tip is to choose your sources carefully and to compare. Even the best muscle gain guides may not cover everything in complete detail, or perhaps may still state something which was thought true a few years back but which has now changed. If you are going to body build from a course, see if the course has a regular update feature designed into it to make sure that you are always going to receive up to date information.

The second tip is about the sort of body building and muscle gain exercises that you do. While a balanced approach is recommended rather than focussing too much on one muscle group, it's easy to mistake the effects of a particular group of exercises. A case in point is chest muscles where presses and dips can be effective, but not flyes.

Thirdly, restrain yourself from doing too much bodybuilding at one time. This tip may sound strange in that what it is really saying is that "less can be more". One of the prominent characteristics of body building is the need to rest in between workouts. These resting periods are what your body needs to recover and build. There is a difference in muscle gain activities compared with other sports where it is possible that the more you do, the better you get, whether it's developing your backhand shot in tennis, or perfecting a racing turn in swimming. In bodybuilding, if you don't let up, your body can't do the work you want it to. So for once you can listen to someone telling you not to work so hard and feel good about it.


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