With having experiencing a herniated disk and putting up with it for 5 years then having it finally collapse and requiring surgery this is my story of a half lived 5 years. I surf, snowboard, fish for marlin and also a dive master. Trying to do all this with a sciatic nerve letting you know you are alive all the time was a real pain in the ass! I tried all the remedies. Back pain is a very common ailment, and often very serious. If you are suffering from any kind of chronic ongoing back pain, you should see a doctor immediately, especially if you are experiencing any kind of numbness or pain in your legs.

IF YOU are diagnosed with herniated disk and have terrible sciatic nerve pain then don’t bother continuing with all the strengthening exercises, yoga, pain killers and all the other scary stuff out there. I have tried them all and none worked and made the symptoms worse! I even had nerve blocking injections which sound nasty and believe me it’s enough to make a big boy cry. Having a large needle stuck into your spine and directly into the sciatic nerve with a local anesthetic injected into the nerve to block the pain will make you hit the roof.

ANYWAY I’ve done all this and had to be taken to hospital for surgery. 1 month of another 4 tries at the block injections and finally resorting to surgery. I’m pain free now and wearing a dorky corset thing around my waist for 3 months but I’m pain free and will be doing all the things i love to do pain free which I haven’t done for some time.

FIND a good surgeon! Every operation is different as the bulging disk is hitting different areas of the nerve for different people and causing various pains in different locations and numbness. These days surgery is quite simple and only takes about an hour or so. Go get the surgery done and don’t waste your time on BS products. I spent 5 years having doctors and therapists giving me all sorts of info! Well I want that time back so don’t waste your life and go see a surgeon.

A good disk

A bad disk


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